Last week, Ben & Jerry's officially debuted their limited-edition Schweddy Balls ice cream, which honors Alec Baldwin's iconic SNL skit. Needless to say, we were psyched, having anticipated the announcement since way back in June. So when the ice cream mavericks offered to send some Balls our way, we simply couldn't turn them down.

Schweddy Balls is described as "vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum and loaded with fudge-covered rum and malt balls." The packaging sadly does not feature any pictures of Pete Schweddy or the Delicious Dish ladies, Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon, and we must report that many amateur ice cream critics in the Gothamist office were left wanting more. The main issue seemed to be the balls: perhaps we got a defective batch, but the crunchy malt balls and the soft rum balls were very unevenly distributed, which resulted in a rather confusing mouthful. Some further thoughts:

  • "The ice cream is really bland. Where's the hint of rum? [Bites into a rum ball.] Oh. I taste the rum now. That's a boozy ball. But it tastes kind of stale."
  • "These balls seem awfully small—I at least expected them to fill my mouth. They really leave a lingering aftertaste—that must be the Schwedd."
  • "The sensation of sweet rum-flavored balls swirling in my mouth reminded me of Christmas, and Santa...I mean this in a good way."
  • "It's like they just took vanilla ice cream and put Whoppers in it. Cop-out."
  • "I don't understand. Doesn't their Phish food flavor have fish-shaped chocolate chunks? They could have at least put the malt and the rum balls together to make a pair."

Taste aside, marketing analysts are hailing the flavor as the embodiment of successful advertising. And despite the quibbling from Gothamist staff, one pint was swiftly devoured—and we don't expect the other three pints to last much longer. Find out for yourself with a quick trip to the grocery store: Schweddy Balls is now available nationwide.