It's not uncommon to find the Gothamist HQ fridge stocked with several varieties of hummus, so we were extra excited when Eat Well Enjoy Life delivered a startling amount of their new low-fat hummus to our office last week. We like to keep an open mind about things—especially when it comes to free food—but we're typically skeptical about low calorie food substitutes that claim to taste as good as the real thing. But guys, we're here to tell you: this hummus is the real deal.

Low fat hummus typically means gritty, flavorless gruel filled with water that makes your taste buds scream DIET PRODUCT. Instead of completely eliminating the olive oil and tahini that give the hummus its texture and flavor, EWEL substitutes some of it for Greek yogurt (so hot right now), which helps maintain that lusciously creamy and silky texture while simultaneously keeping the calories down. We sampled five flavors—classic, roasted red pepper, roasted garlic, spicy and roasted pine nuts—and in all of them the chickpea and sesame flavors shine through, as does a distinct tang from the yogurt. The garlic and spicy varieties were staff favorites, adding a nice punch of flavor while still maintaining that nutty base, but all five tubs were almost completely empty by the time the feeding frenzy ended.

Hummus in any form certainly isn't "bad" for you—we're looking at you, freaky pizza—but it's not exactly diet-friendly when you're eating it by the tub. We're not saying EWEL's hummus will reveal your hidden six pack, but with 50 calories and 2.5 grams of fat per two tablespoon serving—about 1/2 the fat and 1/3 fewer calories than traditional store-bought hummus—it softens the blow of hummus overindulgence. So if you want to look svelte in your meggings by the time spring rolls around, this is certainly a safer way to do it.

You can find EWEL's hummus at lots of grocery stores, including Morton Williams, Food Emporium and Zabar's.