Foodies, LES-ers, everyone, here's an excellent way for you to put your mouth where your heart is: The Taste of the Lower East Side next Thursday, April 15, which has thirty-four restaurants raising money for the Grand Street Settlement. The Grand Street Settlement offers a number of programs for the Lower East Side community's kids, teens, and seniors, ranging from after-school to career help.

Restaurants include: 71 Clinton Fresh Food, AKA Café, Alias Restaurant, Apizz, Azul, Bao III, Carnevale, Chubo, Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant, Dish, Doughnut Plant, First, General Store, ‘Inoteca, Industry (food), Lavagna, Le Tableau, Le Zoccole, Mojo, Natchez, Oliva, Orologio, Paladar, Petrosino, Prune, Public, Pylos, Rice, Starfoods, Suba, Tenement, Verlaine, Veselka, WD50.

And here are some of the dishes:
- Bigeye tuna tartare w/ a rice noodle crisp from Kuma Inn
- Pot au chocolat and Mille Feville of coconut tapioca with fresh mango from General Store
- Crispy sea bass tacos w/ mango, avocado, cilantro and red chile creme fraiche from Mojo
- Braised short rib & smoked wild mushroom ravioli, truffled herb salad, corn jus from Natchez
- Roast Suckling Pig, blackeyed pea salad, pickled tomatoes, Georgia Mountains Sourwood Honeycomb from Prune
- Butternut squash - tamarino soup, scallop “cous-cous,” lemon paper from WD-50

Tickets are $85-$300, and can be purchased via Ticketweb or buy printing out and mailing this invitation.