from www.tarragonhome.comSix month-old Tarragon Home & Garden puts Gothamist in mind of those old Calgon commericals, where the put-upon housewife winds down amidst bubbles and luxurious botanical fragrances. Walking into this store we seem to be transported to a quaint corner of New England rather than urban Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. And, we "home and hearth"-happy Gothamist types are captivated by shop-owner Indira Hamilton's selection of herbal and botanical inspired wares, such as full-length aprons sporting bunches of popular cooking herbs, Kings County-crafted, organic vegetable wax, scented candles, lavendar and green tea-scented kitchen hand soaps, oversized dish-drying flour sackcloths which spotlight different, colorful varieties of lettuces, tomatoes and herbs (including tarragon, of course).

All in all, Tarragon makes us want to pick up a hoe (somewhere other than by the Holland Tunnel)and start our own herb garden or infuse our kitchen - heck, our lives - with relaxing, restorative botanical essences and design.

Hmm...Guess the marketing gurus at Calgon had it right all along.

Tarragon Home & Garden
407 Atlantic Avenue (btwn Bond & Nevins)
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Hours: Tues-Sun 11AM-7PM