Target, attempting to take "one-stop shop" literally, is now offering more groceries than ever before, because nothing says "convenience" like being able to buy hemorrhoid cream and bologna under one roof.

The company has added about 40% more food to four of its NYC stores in the past year, advertised on the Target website as "A handpicked selection of meat, produce, baked goods and much more," which is a stretch if we've ever heard one. A Target rep told the Daily News that sales have risen by about 6% at the stores with the new food-heavy format.

Of course, Target isn't the first mega-chain to woo customers with edible wares: Duane Reade's got the formula down, offering beer to soothe the angry hipster hordes in Williamsburg and sushi to appease high-flying Wall Street execs. We eagerly await the day that Target introduces an Isaac Mizrahi-designed line of cryogenic sleeping pods so that we can never leave, ever.