New Yorkers no longer have to make clandestine trips to 7-Eleven to get their late-night taquito fix. A trio of Marc Forgione vets have teamed up to bring San Diego's beloved street food to the Lower East Side, opening Taquitoria on Ludlow just south of Houston. For those who haven't been ensnared in taquito rapture, imagine rolled-up tacos that get a quick trip to the deep fryer before being slathered in salsas, cheese and anything else the heart could want.

The gang fill their versions with organic meats like Bell & Even's Chicken, Creekstone Farm's Beef or black beans, then lets customers decide if they want it Classic or Cheesy. Classic calls for a guacamole sauce, shredded lettuce and a sprinkling of salty cotija cheese; Cheesy means the fried rolls of delight are smothered in nacho cheese, sour cream and a piquant pickled jalapeno relish. Each taquito order also comes with "Pancho's" red sauce, as tradition dictates. Feeling daring? Ask for your taquito "Chronic Style" to get every single topping on the menu for an extra $3.

These fried puppies might not be health food but they're definitely healthy for your wallet: three taquitos run you just $5 and five of them just $8.

168 Ludlow Street, (212) 780-0121; Tuesday through Sunday 4:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.

Taquiteria Menu