Former Buddakan cook and Top Chef contestant Dale Talde is opening his own place, called, appropriately, Talde, in Park Slope this weekend, bringing what appears to be a random but promising mish-mash of Asian flavors and techniques to a neighborhood not typically known for envelope-pushing restaurants.

The restaurant is a joint venture between Talde and nearby Slope favorite Thistle Hill Tavern's David Massoni and John Bush. The crew have been posting photo updates of the space in progress on their Facebook, and Grub Street reports they'll open on Sunday, though our calls to confirm were unanswered. Earlier, he said that he wants the 70-seat space to be "a neighborhood restaurant" with an "Asian-American" menu, which you can check out below.

Front-runners for "things that sound really good" include Hawaiian bread buns stuffed various proteins and served with garlic vinegar mayo and pickled shallots, an iceberg wedge with Chinese bacon and Sriracha hot sauce, Korean fried chicken with spicy-yogurt kimchee, grapes and mint, and the intriguing crispy oyster and bacon pad Thai, which sounds like the ultimate hangover destroyer.

Talde // 369 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn // 347-916-0031