2006_10_GothamSamiul.jpgThis week's New York Mag focuses on one of the backbones of NYC culture -- the street vendor. Despite the title of the feature, "Cartography: The Complete Road Map to New York City Street Food," a vendor map is conspicuously absent. What you will find, however, is a list of the city's top 20 vendors, according to Rob & Robin, a glimpse into the daily life of a street cart vendor, and an interview with Sean Basinki, vendor defender and founder of the Urban Justice Center's Street Vendor Project and the Vendy Awards. You'll also learn from their survey of 50 street vendors that New Yorkers are better street cart customers than tourists (although we all already knew that), and get answers to all of your burning vendor questions (where do they park all those carts at night, anyway?).

And get your submissions ready -- the Vendy Award nomination process begins July 1st, and the event will take place on September 29th.