Yesterday, Madison Square Park bid adieu to Shake Shack (temporarily!) while the restaurant undergoes some tweaks like an expanded kitchen—more room for 'Shrooms is a-ok by us! Now, we're taking a peek back at the chainlet's origins, courtesy of Gothamist's very own meteorologist Joe Schumacher, who unearthed a copy of the original menu when the first Shake Shack opened in 2004. Remember when a hamburger was only $3.10?

There have been a few additions over the years, but the bones of the menu are mostly the same, featuring offerings like the beefy Shack Burger—just $3.95 for a single—'Shroom Burger ($3.85) and Chicago Hot Dog ($2.50). Relics of Shake Shack's past include the Taxi Dog, a version not unlike a New York City dirty water dog, topped with sauerkraut and tomato-simmered onions. Back then, the Smoke Shack hadn't yet been invented (2012), they hadn't yet messed with the fries (2013) and think of it: the Madison Square Park locale actually closed for the winter! How could we even live like that?

We reached out to the chain to ask about stuff we may have missed, but the biggest differences between now and a decade ago appear to be the prices. Back in the old days, nothing on the Shack's menu (with the exception of bottles of wine and swag) clocked in over $6. Now, as you can see below, a Double ShackBurger, a single and double SmokeShack, the 'Shroom Burger and a double Hamburger all clock in over $6, with some products hovering just shy of $10, like the gut-busting burger/mushroom combo Shack Stack at $9.15. We all know food prices have been steadily rising but man, do we long for the days of the $1.85 order of French Fries. Throw us a frickin crinkle, Danny Billions!

SS Mad Sq Park Menu