Consistently earning two Michelin stars, Jungsik is one of NYC's best and most respected Korean restaurants—or restaurants period. The food has been compared to a "work of art", including pastry chef Eunji Lee's exquisite desserts, which now have a tasting menu of their own available nightly at the bar.

An alum of the esteemed Ecole Ferrandi in Paris—a city that knows one or 1,000 things about good pastry—chef Lee created a five-course tasting menu that has elements of whimsy, like recreating a piece of fruit made out of chocolate a la the Baby Banana. A white chocolate shell is formed into a small, life-like banana, which is filled with banana Baileys cake with dulcey ganache and banana crémeux. It's served with coffee ice cream and hazelnut chocolate crumble, which is what I wish came with every healthful banana.

The opening course, Omija Bingsu, uses berry tea to make the traditional Korean shaved ice dessert, along with lemon basil sorbet and a rhubarb syrup with the hybrid pluot fruit. If your pockets are a little deeper, opt for the Truffle Cone (a $25 supplement), a delicate chocolate waffle cone filled with truffle ice cream and topped with more black truffle and fleur de sel.

While Jungsik's tasting menus can run upwards of $200, the Dessert Tasting Menu runs just $55—or $90 with a two glass wine pairing. Everyone who orders the tasting menu also gets a bag of chocolate chip cookies to enjoy later.

2 Harrison Street, (212) 219-0900;

Jungsik Dessert Tasting Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd