Has Taco Bell declared Doritos so 2012? At Yum! Brands Investor Day, AP reporter Candace Choi got a peek at what appears to be a menu mockup of plans the brand has in store for the Frankenfoodie generation. The upper left corner shows a taco being birthed from a snack-sized bag of Fritos. Does this mean the corn curls are next for the taco treatment?

On first glance, it might imply a taco shell made out of Fritos, a la the chain's ludicrously popular Doritos Tacos Locos. However, the filling inside the taco depicted in the slide doesn't look like the standard ground beef, sour cream, cheese, lettuce and tomato version depicted with the other tacos. Instead, the inside appears to be a jumbled studied of various orange hues; we can spot what appears to be shredded cheese, white blobs of sour cream and possibly some darkly colored meat. Are those just Frito bits in there?

The brand already employs Fritos in other dishes on the menu and it's possible that the Fritos mockup is all meant to suggest innovation, rather than be representative of a literal future menu item. Though whatever that cheesy, double layer taco is in the same box looks pretty incredible by Taco Bell standards.

With all the brands available to them, it's sad to see the TB sticking with something so typical. And really, aren't Fritos already just super salty shreds of taco shells anyway? They really beat Doritos to death—why not go beyond snack chips? How about some Quaker Oats breakfast tacos or Tropicana dessert balls? Nothing ventured nothing gained.

[Business Insider via Grub Street]