2006_12_ecoli.jpgIt was a matter of time. After reports of people sickened by E.coli from food eaten at Taco Bells in NJ and Long Island, there are now reports of people sickened in New York City and other NY counties, as well as in Delaware, South Carolina and Utah. According to the NY Times, the NY State Health Department found the same virulent strain of the bacteria "present in patients who ate at restaurants on Long Island, in Clinton County in upstate New York and in Delaware."

Though Taco Bell has removed green onions from its products, it's also unclear whether or not green onions are the source of the E.coli, and if they are, where is the outbreak stemming from? The NY Times and Newsday look at the scallions' route, but a Washington Heights woman told WCBS she didn't believe green onions were causing the problems: "It's the management that is the problem."

A Taco Bell manager, upset that he had to reduce his employees' hours, complained to the Post that the store is being "punished for something they had no control over." And the Long Island 11 year old who was sickened by the three tacos with cheese and lettuce will be suing Taco Bell for millions. Tyler Vormittag suffered from fever, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea, losing 9 pounds. (And, no, E.coli is not a good diet idea.)

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