beaujolais.jpgThis Thursday, at exactly one minute past midnight, is the official release of the latest Beaujolais Nouveau wines. At this time, the million plus cases of Beaujolais Nouveau wine will begin their journey - from Beaujolais in the south of Burgundy to wine stores, bars and lushes throughout the world.

This event, which occurs on the third Thursday of every November is accompanied by celebration, fanfare and drunken displays of pure excitement. Yeah, let’s pretend like we need an excuse to drink.

For those of you who haven’t tried Beaujolais Nouveau, it’s a light bodied, fruity, easy-to-drink red wine made from the Gamay grape - or as we like to refer to it “red wine for white wine drinkers”.

Gothamist did a little digging to find out how we can get our hands on the 2004 vintage as quickly as possible. Chelsea Wine Vault, on 9th Ave between 15th and 16th Streets expects to have it in house this Thursday. Line forms to the left. Additionally, the New York Post reports that just past midnight tonight, you can get your first sips (or gulps) at L'Express, 249 Park Ave. S., at 20th Street, (212) 254-5858); Tout Va Bien, 311 W. 51st St., between Eighth and Ninth avenues, (212) 974-9051); and Le Bateau Ivre, 230 E. 51st St., between First and Second avenues (212) 583-0579.

bnlabel2004.jpgThe most well-known maker of Beaujolais Nouveau is George Duboeuf and while prices haven’t been set yet, we can expect to pay around $10 for this wine making it a great value.

Also, for those big Beaujolais fans out there – you know who you are – on December 14th at Café Deville is the Beaujolais Holiday Dinner. For $75 you can try the finest Beaujolais wines matched with the classic French Cuisine that made Beaujolais Nouveau famous.

Bon appetit!