PepsiCo is just shaking things up left and right these days. They've got cola-flavored chips, new veggie-juices for the kids and now—OMG—they are messing with your Diet Pepsi. In fact, they may have already gotten to yours. Time to check the label!

Starting this month Pepsi has started to distribute a new blend of their diet cola in an effort to make it taste "fresher," longer. Yup, gone are the days where your D.P. (as opposed to your Dr. P.) had just one artificial sweetener in it. Going forward when you snatch up your cans of Diet Pepsi you'll be getting aspartame and acesulfame potassium. According to PepsiCo it is adding a "very small amount" of the sweetener "to ensure consistency with every sip." The exact amount of sweeteners used in Diet Pepsi vary depending on the region of the world you buy it in.

How much this new blend will help or hurt sales of Diet Pepsi (the number seven soda in the world with 4.9 percent of the market) in its eternal battle with Diet Coke (the number two soda in the world) remains to be seen. But we doubt it'll make much of a difference. After all, we already know that rich people prefer Coke.