Hallelujah, coffee snobbery has paid off: your caffeine fix may actually be a medical miracle! A Norwegian study proclaims that subjects who had coffee before performing computer work for 90 minutes had "significantly lower pain increase" in their neck, shoulders, forearms and wrists than those who did not drink coffee. Well, those caffeine shakes are good for something!

Granted, this study only had 48 subjects, 22 with chronic shoulder and neck pain and 26 healthy ones. And the computer work was restricted to using only a mouse—no breaks to get some water, shred some paper, use the standing desk, or play office pranks.

The study's authors say, "These results might have potentially interesting implications of a pain-modulating effect of caffeine in an everyday setting," but admit, "However, studies with a double blind placebo controlled randomized design are needed." Who cares—this the science that makes up for the science that said "coffee kick" was in one's head!