2005_06_food_kingcolebar.jpgCarrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha be damned. Just cause the foursome aren't continuing their escapades in New York's hottest bars and lounges, there is no reason for Gothamist to stop. We may find the Cosmo passé, but a well-heeled Negroni or Gimlet always coordinate with our Jimmy Choo's.

Some of Gothamist's favorite haute spots for glam cocktails:

- Flatiron Lounge
- Bemelmans Bar
- The Star Lounge & Bar at the Ritz-Carlton
- Employee's Only
- Laight Lounge at Dylan Prime
- The Campbell Apartment
- The King Cole Bar
- Temple Bar
- Taj
- Town

And, let us not forget the perennial warm-weather classic - the Rooftop Bar at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The drinks leave something to be desired, but what could be more swank than Central Park's blanket of green treetops beneath you and the spires of the city's skyscrapers framing the view?

What's your favorite upmarket watering hole, when you feel like you require a glam cocktail - or a glam cocktail requires you?