2004_09_food_sushipic.jpgLike Gothamist Food, Greg Lippmann is often asked where to eat. Lippman is a securities trader who eats sushi up to six times a week (clearly, we're in the wrong line of work for that type of eating). In response to the requests, he created The Sushi Spreadsheet. In a handy Excel format, he ranks 91 of Manhattan's sushi spots, from Jewel Bako at the top, down through Teriyaki Boy at the bottom, and provides comments to help guide you through. The spreadsheet format allows for easy sorting by neighborhood as well. Apparently, even some of the chefs have heard of the spreadsheet:

It has also earned a certain renown among chefs. "When I went to check out Sui with a friend," the author says, "the chef overheard our conversation and asked if I was Lippmann-san. He said his friend at Riingo told him about the sheet and that I would be coming by, and hopefully I'd add him." Lippmann obliged.

For more detailed information on sushi throught the city, visit sushiNYC.

-- via Epicurious' Corner Table