Aha! Those pinched looks on the faces of sushi restaurant employees were not from Gothamist's poor pronunciation of "omakase" and demands for heating up sake that should remain cold - it would beacuse we didn't know how to dip our sushi. The Times gives some sushi eating pointers and emphasizes that sushi should not sit in the sauce, or else the sushi chefs might start crying on the inside. Gen Mizoguchi of Megu tells the Times, when seeing sushi sitting in soy sauce, "It is very painful for us." The main article has some great insight into sushi sizes, warmth, and freshness as well, although we're slightly confused by sushi rigor mortis after the earlier piece about flash freezing.

Gothamist's favorite sushi experiences thus far have been at Sugiyama and Jewel Bako. What are yours? And more about raw fish eating at Sushi NYC.