On Friday night, a fire broke out in East Side sushi restaurant ENO Asian Bistro & Lounge. It was an all-hands fire, with 60 firefighters responding to a blaze involving gasoline in 5-gallon soy sauce containers. Last night, the FDNY explained why the gasoline was in the containers: One of the chefs had purchased the much-in-demand fuel and was trying to transport it from the restaurant.

According to the FDNY, Fei Teng had received two five-gallon red containers of gasoline from a friend on Thursday night, later transferring the gas into the soy sauce containers, which are more like big buckets (like this). After sending one of the gas-filled buckets to his parents, Teng stored the remaining bucket in the basement.

On Friday, the chef asked a dishwasher to retrive the gasoline from the basement. The dishwasher walked through the kitchen with the bucket, and the FDNY says that more than half of the gasoline spilled onto the floor—and then it ignited.

Another male chef immediately caught fire, suffering first and second degree burns on his face and neck, both arms and legs. A bus boy also caught fire, suffering second and third degree burns on his legs, as did a woman in the restaurant, who also got second and third degree burns on her legs. The Post says the victims "were extinguished by a group of tree trimmers who were in town to help with Hurricane Sandy recovery."

The FDNY arrested Teng at his home in Queens, charging him with reckless endangerment, and also took the other container of gasoline. The FDNY warns that gas should NEVER be stored inside and should only be stored in approved containers.