Take a seat, ramen burger and phuck off, phumplings, because the Sushi Burrito is the newest Asian-fusion-mashup monstrosity to launch into our mouth holes. Chef Chris Jaeckle, who's doing highbrow Venetian in Union Square, debuts this new creation at his quick service Japanese spot Uma Temakeria, which has already devoted itself to the art of the hand roll. But this being a world of Crozels and Baissants, Jaeckle and the team are bumping up the rice component and slapping on a Mexican theme, creating a Chipotle-esque gut bomb filled with raw fish instead of seasoned meats.

The classic version of the Sushi Burrito ($10) boasts both raw salmon and tuna, plus julienned carrots and cucumbers and a slick of spicy tobanjan mayo. Sushi rice gets a sprinkle of sesame seeds and "tempura crunchies" and the whole shebang gets wrapped up in a sheet of nori instead of a tortilla. As Uma Temakeria's menu already allows for customizations, the same will be true here, with additions like Marinated Tofu, Wasabi Ginger Sauce and Daikon.

In a world of food mashups, this isn't reinventing the wheel too much—where's the miso sour cream or cilantro rice or the yellowtail with jalapeno? At the end of the day, it's really an oversized sushi roll that perhaps has got a slight caloric edge over its compatriots. To find out what the Sushi Burrito can do for you, head to the Chelsea shop or new outdoor food market Penn Plates on International Sushi Day, June 18th, and beyond to find out.