2005_09_food_enoteca.jpgWill it survive?

That's always the question when a new restaurant opens - especially at notorious "kiss of death" locations. And, it looks like a brave restauranteur is set to test the fates at 311 Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights, right off of Atlantic Avenue. This spot has gone through a few incarnations and has yet to find the ideal tenant. Could that ideal be Tazza?

Well, with a quick glance through Tazza's window, Gothamist spied that the space has certainly been radically revamped and refined, turning a formerly dark dining space into an airy, welcoming bakery/enoteca. But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. (Or in this case, the coffee, baked goods, artisanal breads, panini and wine.) Gothamist looks forward to Tazza's opening, in the hopes that this one is a "keeper."

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