It's not like you didn't know you were making a sanitary gamble when you ordered from that Chinese place the size (and smell) of your bathroom, but now that they've got a government-issued C hanging in their window, you may be taking your loyalties elsewhere. Welcome to the harsh light of the restaurant grading system, which is leaving New Yorkers everywhere confused and hungry. "There's no D, right? C is the worst you can get?" asked Tanya Ross at the American Taste coffee shop on East Fordham Road. "I'm scared of that C. That's gross. Thankfully, I only go there for coffee, but I'm not going to anymore."

American Taste is one of the newly-christened "Filthy 15" the Post named yesterday, and a second check showed that all but two have not posted their C grades in the window. But Jose Peres of Boulevard Pizza says the grades aren't fair. We're working very hard. Keeping it clean, doing everything...We have no complaints about the food." They scored 33 violation points for things like cold food items being held above 41 degrees, and "inadequate personal cleanliness." Then again, DiFara got just 26 violation points, and they had evidence of mice and flies.