The National Restaurant Association is hard at work trying to fight Governor Cuomo's $15/hour minimum wage hike, which is not much of a surprise—they filed a formal appeal with State Supreme Court yesterday claiming that Cuomo's hike "discriminate[s]" against restaurant owners.

Eater reported yesterday that the NRA (no relation) says that because Cuomo sidestepped lawmakers in his move to gradually increase the minimum wage for New York State workers to $15/hour, he committed an act of "blatant executive overreach." Indeed, as expected, the NRA says the hike will overburden restaurant owners.

"We have said time and again, Governor Cuomo and Labor Commissioner [Maria] Musolino discriminated against the hard working men and women that own New York’s restaurants," NRA counsel Angelo Amador said in a statement.

The wage increase will roll out gradually, with hourly rates expected to reach a $15 minimum by 2018—tipped workers will get a $7.50 minimum wage by the end of the year, a move that has already inspired a number of restaurant owners to eliminate tipping and increase wages across the board.