2006_04_food_ditchclams.JPGThe team behind Landmarc brings us Ditch Plains, billed as a Hamptons style clam shack. Sure the menu features fried clams, fresh oysters, a lobster roll with crispy sweet potato chips, and a grilled catch of the day (last night it was the best grilled red snapper we've ever had, hands down), but without looking at the menu, you'd have no clue about the origin of the restaurant's name (a surf spot in Montauk), save for two flat screen monitors showing surfing videos peeking out of the sleek bar.

2006_04_food_ditchlobster.jpgDitch Plains serves wines by the half bottle rather than by the glass, and the non-seafood menu items lean towards comfort food, whether you personally find comfort in a decadent chicken liver pate or an individual crock of mac and cheese. They will be open until 2 am for late night revelers, and will serve breakfast all day starting at 7 am for early risers (or late risers, for that matter). Just from our sneak preview, we think that Ditch Plains is a promising new addition to the neighborhood, and if we sit at the bar enough, we just might be inspired to take some surf lessons this summer.

29 Bedford Street at Downing, 212-633-0202. Opens Monday, May 1st.