February may be the shortest month, but it has its perks. Especially for those who like to knock a few back. From the Super Bowl to the Oscars, Margarita Day to National Drink Wine Day, hardly a sunset occurs that without a good excuse to tipple (not that everyday isn't a good excuse to drink). Unless you are an alcoholic. Or one of these guys, we guess.

See a group led by Dan Clark and Greg Rutter (a 31-year-old lawyer and a 28-year-old advertising executive, respectively) have gone and declared this month "Sober February." The idea is simple: participants should keep going out and being social, but they should abstain from hooch until 11:59 p.m., February 28th. Not to be abolitionists or anything, just to see if they can (as they say on their website: "Don’t get us wrong, alcohol is great. Super great. Maybe the greatest. But it’s good every now and then to take a break. Plus your first shot at 12:01 A.M. on March 1st will taste delicious.") And some people are actually doing it.

The Post today profiles a few Sober February participants and finds mixed results. While founder Dan Clark has had some push back from friends (“They hate it. It makes them very self-conscious of their own drinking. It’s a total buzz kill, even though we don’t intend it that way. I think a lot of people just think it’s stupid.”) some others have seen good results. Like Lesley Mulholland, a bartender at Mesa Grill, who praises the booze-free month with causing her to spend less money, get up earlier and have more productive days and more social nights. Once her clean living even allowed her to “clean my kitchen and bathroom and hit the gym, all before 11 a.m.”!

Luckily there are only six more days in February, so we guess we're too late to join in the party (whew). But, uh, next year. We promise. Though honestly we think we prefer our month-long social experiments to involve facial hair and cancer research.