Photo via Paolo Mastrangelo's flickr

Is every movie theater going to get Alamo-d in the future? Like Nitehawk Cinemas and Alamo Drafthouse before it, Landmark's Sunshine Cinema on Houston Street is looking to bring alcohol and edibles into their movie-watching experience. According to Bowery Boogie, documents and a proposal for "The Sunshine Lounge" (below) were recently delivered to Community Board 3.

"First and foremost is the proposal for bars on the cellar level up to the second floor, for a total of three watering stations. Each will serve both food and beverage. Cafe nooks will be carved on each level of the multiplex, and carry thirty tables of seating for eighty-two peeps."

Landmark Theatres is appearing before CB3 on October 15th, and the site notes that their proposal may not be embraced by all. Particularly those who prefer traditional theater seating to airplane-style “dining tablets," and those who prefer less bar and nightlife in their movie-going experience.