Hopefully you’ve got your party stocked and ready to go for the game tonight. We’re getting ready to fake some real enthusiasm here, and we hope you can muster it, too. But if you really couldn’t care less about the game, hopefully you can put all that spirit into the food.

If the holy trinity of chips, guacamole, and hot wings bores you, try fixing some more city specific dishes to help you and you're partiers get closer to their Midwestern team. The 180 miles between the two cities may be the shortest in Superbowl history but a little planning can make sure you don’t send the wrong impression about your football allegiance.

2007_02_chicagodog.JPGFor Bears fans that could mean many things, but we think Chicago Dogs are the way to go. Whether you use big beef franks, or toothpick little sausages, nothing could bring you closer to the Second City then a hot dog dragged through the garden while you’re rooting for the Bears. We’ll politely refuse to say what we think should be on an official Chicago dog, and just punt the responsibility to a few other people who think they know the real deal.

For Indiana, we could only think of one food, and that’s a fried pork tenderloin sandwich. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels apparently ate over 92 of them when he ran for office in 2004 to show his Indiana pride. And it’s simple. It’s just a small hunk of pork tenderloin that’s been pounded, breaded, and fried. What to top it with? We’re stumped. But we do like these little White Castle-like finger sandwiches that would be perfect for a big group.
Any one else have some regional options you’re preparing for the big day?