If anyone believed one lone assemblyman would stop New Yorkers from having their Sunday brunch and drinking it too, they clearly underestimate the state's zest for alcohol. Since earlier this spring, some lawmakers have been trying to lift the archaic blue laws that prevented alcohol sales before noon on Sundays. Yesterday, Governor Cuomo announced a successful completion of this task, with the new booze-forward legislation happening as soon as this weekend.

"We've worked hard to cut red tape, lower costs and roll back burdensome regulations to help New York's craft beverage industry thrive and create jobs, as well as some of the best beer, wine, cider and distilled spirits in the world," Cuomo said in a statement. "This agreement to overhaul this state's archaic blue laws will build upon these ongoing efforts by knocking down artificial barriers for restaurants and small businesses and helping this industry grow even stronger."

The governor had appointed a special panel to investigate the impact of changing the law, ultimately agreeing with their findings that the "maddening law" was "arcane" and in need of repeal. Under the amendments to the ABC Law, bars and restaurants in New York City will be permitted to sell alcohol beginning at 10 a.m. on Sundays, with a limited number of permits available to sell at 8 a.m. for establishments outside of NYC.

Also included in the agreement, measures to help businesses like craft distilleries, wineries, cideries and breweries with things like allowing wine to be sold in growlers, reducing fees for salespeople and small wholesalers and...the authorization of gift wrapping and gift bags to be sold at liquor stores. Oddly specific and convenient!

For most of us, though, it's all about those coveted two extra hours of drinking on a Sunday morning. Hey, the earlier you start, the more likely you'll be in bed at a reasonable hour! Long live drunch.