Sunday’s are great for food walks as long as the weather holds out for you. So do a bit of research, grab a partner and hop a subway to one of the following destinations:

Sunset Park:
Head out on the N/R train to the mid 40’s on 5th avenue. From there walk towards the 60’s and explore all of the Mexican restaurants that line the avenue and stretch onto the side streets. Tacos, horchata, tamales, enchiladas and plates of roasted goat are all items to look for on a taco crawl.

More info here, (Scroll down to Jan 9th, 2006)

Head out to the end of the 7 train and walk the streets of this old Queens Chinatown. Pop into the Flushing Mall and hit some of the food stalls. Look for some Taiwanese food on Prince street and step into a side of the food you have not experienced before.

Red Hook:
From the Carroll street stop on the F train, walk to Union street and head east/southeast. Once you make if down the hill a bit you will cross the BQE and then keep a look out for some eats worth walking for. Ferdinando’s Focacceria and Schnack are right on the same block and El Huipil is just around the corner for some great Mexican. Something more upscale is available at Alma and 360. For a Latino outdoor food orgy, head to the Red Hook ballfields for some soccer and some organized streetfood. A visit to the Sixpoint Craft Ales brewery would also seem a like a fun idea.

Here is a start, but what areas do you like walking in for food ?

Photograph by plemeljr on Flickr