Mayor B and the restaurant gang

Next week is Summer Restaurant Week 2004 and the set menus aren't going to be $20.04 ($30.04 for dinner), but $20.12 ($30.12 for dinner) in honor of NY's 2012 Summer Games bid. And if Gothamist hears anyone complaining about the 8 cents, come on - this deal, to have a three course lunch, which has been around since the summer of 1992 (when the Democrats came to town for the convention), still beats inflation. Mayor Bloomberg announced the promotion at Greek restaurant Milos and said, "Go out and try all the different kinds of food in New York City, It’s quite an experience. And I would also urge you take the kids.”

Restaurant Week runs from June 21 to June 25 and June 28 to July 2. You can go to Open Table to make reservations, which go fast. Check out the participating restaurants at

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