Praise be, it's back. After making do with pale imitations for the last six months everyone's favorite cheaper dining deal, Restaurant Week, returns to the five boroughs July 16 through August 10. Which gives you many, many chances to enjoy three course meals for the low, low prices of $24.07 (lunch) and $35 (dinner).

As has been the case for twenty years now(!), you have hundreds of options to choose from including big names (Gotham Bar And Grill, Craftbar, Nobu) and less big, but no less quality, names (Rouge Tomate, Devi, Maialino). Of course look closely, because not everyone is offering dinner or lunch, and some people have weekend deals available as well.

What is that you say? You like to make noise about all the gruff waiters and small portions during the week? It really isn't that bad. Just consider the fact that Restaurant Week slams lots of restaurants with massive orders and many more people than they normally have. What are you expecting? Us, we're just happy for the affordable chances to check out places normally out of our price range.