Earlier this year, as we were suffering through #Winter2014, a vision appeared that momentarily wafted us into a warmer place. It was of a new Narragansett Beer offering: a Del's Shandy.

This is a collaboration with Del's Frozen Lemonade, another creation from Rhode Island that finally made its way to NYC last summer. And the slushy lemon drink can only make beer better. And vodka, for that matter.

The special edition has now hit the shelves, and Narragansett tells us the mash-up is "priced at $8.99 [and] available this week in six packs of 16-ounce tallboy cans throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. Multiple production runs are planned through the summer, so the product should be available into August."

Narragansett's president Mark Hellendrung says, “When it came to our second ‘Hi Neighbor Mash Up’ collaboration, nothing reminded us of childhood summers on Rhode Island beaches more than Del’s. Given the sessionable style of our Lager, and the growing popularity of shandys, we knew a collaboration with Del’s would create a quintessential summer brew that generations of New Englanders would be thrilled about." The company promises it will deliver "an effervescent, citrus blast backed by just enough sweet malt."

UPDATE: Here's where you can buy it in NYC...

  • American, 256 Court St in Brooklyn
  • Bed Stuy Beer Works, 409 Willoughby Ave in Brooklyn
  • Beverage World, 402 Meeker Ave in Brooklyn
  • Brooklyn Beer, 507 Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn
  • Foodtown, 756 St. Nicholas Ave in Manhattan
  • Triboro Beverage, 4108 Astoria Boulevard in Queens
  • Garden Gourmet in 5665 Broadway in the Bronx