It may be known mainly for its porcine prowess, but Brooklyn's Pork Slope is getting in on the summertime grub with its first ever Crab Boil. Starting tomorrow at 5 p.m., diners can get down and dirty with a classic crab boil with blue crabs, corn, potatoes and sausage.

Throw down $28 and you'll get six succulent crabs; $54 dollars and you'll get 12 clawed crustaceans, plus every order gets a generous portion of all the fixins to go along with it to complete your classic boil. Be sure to order extra napkins—we really meant it about down and dirty—plus lots of ice cold beer.

Noobs to crab eating should do a little research into how to break those suckers down because trust us: you don't want to eat the devil's fingers by accident.