How much do you think you'd deserve in a lawsuit if you bit into a 12-inch sandwich and found a large serrated knife baked into the bread? Not like some sewing needles in the sandwich, but an actual knife actually inside the bread?

Turns out the magic number is about $20,000. At least that is how much John Agnesini settled for, according to the Post. Now that is a whole lot less than the $1 million he was initially looking for from Subway—where he found the knife in his 12-inch "cold cut combo" in 2008—but it isn't like he died or anything? For a quick refresher on what happened, here was how the designer described the incident—which he claimed also gave him food poisoning—at the time:

After taking a few bites I could tell something didn't taste right. Then I felt something hard on the bottom of the bread. I turned it over and could see the knife baked inside. It's shocking. You see this metal knife. I mean, it's one thing seeing a hair or something. If I didn't look at it, could you imagine what would happen? I could've slashed the side of my mouth.

Since he didn't actually slash the side of his mouth and is totally fine, we guess we can see why he didn't get a fresh million out of the sandwich chain. But that settlement does comes at a cost to the graphic designer: Agnesini isn't allowed to disparage Subway. So the real question here is: Is not being allowed to badmouth a giant chain worth $20,000?