The Little Dive Bar That Could has won yet another victory against the Big Bad Real Estate Group threatening to blow their doors down. Subway Inn was granted another temporary stay of eviction by a Manhattan Civil Court Judge yesterday, allowing the 77-year-old institution to operate unmolested for the time being. This recent ruling preserves a previous temporary restraining order that allowed the bar to remain open past its August 20th eviction date.

According to DNAinfo, the legal team for Subway Inn argued that "the landlord’s stipulation and eviction warrant had technical deficiencies" and moved to have the documents voided. The two sides now have 30 days to agree on a moving-out date or the judge will order a new hearing. The bar's landlord, World-Wide Group, floated an October 21st deadline, which was rejected by decades-old owners the Salinas family as it would leave them too little time to relocate.

Also on the table: the bar's iconic neon sign, which has illuminated 60th street in a blue-and-red glow for quite some time. The Salinas family asked to take the sign if and when they vacate, as well as the furniture currently inside the bar. For whatever reason, World-Wide Group has refused this request. Maybe they'll need it for the "Subway Inn Condo Development" rumored to be replacing the bar. As GrubStreet notes, World-Wide Group appears to be staying firm in their statement that the Salinas family knew the score about their ultimate eviction. As if that makes it okay.

For its current victories, the Salinas family released a statement on their Facebook page thanking Judge Jennifer Schecter, the Landmark Preservation Commission, Councilman Dan Garodnick, and State Senator Liz Krueger, in addition to the support of the public who have participated in the campaign to save the besieged institution. Though it seems impossible that the bar will stay in its current digs, this fight against the whitewashing of beloved city businesses should hopefully energize other businesses faced with similar circumstances.