While most of the city's best sandwiches are found between two slices of bread, the tasty offerings from UES newcomer Bröd Kitchen come on just one. The Nordic cafe, which opened last month, serves smørrebrød, a type of open-faced sandwich topped with all manner of proteins, vegetables and fruits.

The tartines-like sandwiches begin with a slice of rye bread, which then gets buried beneath toppings like egg salad and beets; camembert and pears; and roasted turkey with charred peppers. Another version uses chewy focaccia, which is topped with creamy burrata cheese and sweet fig slices. One slice of bread counts as low carb, right?

The cafe took over a former Hot & Crusty space and are filling the void with their own breads (baguettes, brioche), pastries (croissant and tarts) and other delectables like cookies and meringues. In the morning they offer egg sandwiches, toast with spreads and coffee; later in the day, succulent roasted chickens, protein and leafy salads and soups.

The price point's a bit higher than your average corner cafe—sandwiches range from $7 to $10, salads from $8 to $12—but if anywhere will accept that it's the Upper East Side. As one Yelper put it, prices are "just high enough to make your jaw drop, but just low enough that you'll pay it anyways." Ditto.

1201 Second Avenue, (212) 600-5202; website