A picnic disrupted by a swarm of bees, a mobster shot dead over a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. These are a few of the subjects of a new photography project called "Meals Interrupted," by photographer Davide Luciano and his wife Claudia Ficca. The colorful photos capture dining scenes being disrupted in some way, either but a catastrophic event like an explosion, or the scene in a cafeteria following a food fight.

They shot some of the scenes in New York City and others in their native Montreal. Ficca handled the food styling, arranging each item post-disaster. “The idea of working directly with bees was very daunting at first," Ficca explains. "But once we were in the apiary and the bees were buzzing all around us, it turned out to be very soothing.”

The couple just completed the series and Luciano tells us they don't yet have a show scheduled but will keep us updated if they plan one in the city. In the meantime, check out the series on their website and also take a peek at their other whimsical photography collaboration on a subject near and dear to New Yorker's hearts: Potholes.