Despite a seemingly neverending revenue stream from legions of frat boys around the country, sales for Budweiser have been down recently, so to combat the loss, the diminished King of Beers is rolling out "sleek" new redesigned cans. Will the brodudes bite?

"We tested a lot of different things," said Rob McCarthy, Anheuser-Busch's vice president of Budweiser yesterday when the cans were unveiled. They ultimately settled on a clean-looking design that emphasizes the can's "bowtie," with a red backdrop instead of blue, and a smaller Anheuser-Busch label off the side. It's kind of like that time that Diet Pepsi tried to sex up their image, only with more popped collars.

It's the 12th redesign in the company's history since they introduced the cans in 1936. Harry Schuhmacher, editor Beer Business Daily, said it's a smart move: "It's bolder and cleaner, representing a packaging trend in many consumer goods," he said. "Beer companies typically redesign their labels every five years or so, so it was time to freshen up the packaging to update it to the times." It remains to be seen whether the hipsters will notice Bud's fresh new look.