Pigs need to remain plump and fat, not skinny and lean. However, in the effort to really make pork the other white meat that can contend with lean chicken meat, the Times reveals that skinny pigs are the stressed out ones. Pigs with lean muscle tended to have "porcine stress syndrome," and then with the breeding of lean pigs, the syndrome has been "inadvertently bred into many pigs, 10 to 15 percent of pork turns into sweating pale cuts of meat that ooze liquid in the packaging and become leathery when cooked." Blech. Exactly why we like our pork fatty and thus moist.

Dutch design firm MRVDV developed a Pig City to encourage better pig farming in Europe, given the lack of space. In our pre-Gothamist days, we debated Pig City on Bluejake. But if you really are grossed out by this post, watch Babe and feel good about not eating pork.