Gothamist is a sucker for a street fair. We're not talking about the neighborhood-based, culturally-themed festivals that pop up from time to time. Those are great, but we'll take the tired old generic street fair - factory-second underwear and all - that pops up on a different Manhattan avenue every Saturday and Sunday from March through November. Sure, they're all the same, but who can resist the predictable variety of these so-bad-for-you-but-so-good movable feasts? Among our favorites:

erawan.jpgSpring Rolls: Although there's usually more than one "Thai Food $1.00" sign at a street fair, Gothamist is partial to Erawan's tent. Their spring rolls are crispy, and they use thai sweet-and-sour sauce instead of mass-produced packets of Chinese duk sauce. $1.00.

Mozzarepa: a variation on the "arepa", a cornmeal patty of Colombian origin, this handy sandwich of cornmeal cakes and mozzarella cheese is a hint of sweet and a hint of salt permeated with copious amounts of fat. $3.50.

Deep-Fried Oreos: Oreos, like most foods, are even better when you roll them and batter and deep fry them. They're like a funnel cake filled with melted cookies-and-cream ice cream. Yum. You can find them at zeppole stands; just pray they aren't fried in the same oil as the corn dogs. 6 for $3.00.

Of course, there is more substantive nourishment available, from the ubiquitous Italian sausage cart to more unique ethnic offerings. But these quick grab-and-go items are the perfect snack as you peruse the cheap clothes, posters, and other bric-a-brac in the tents nearby.

See the schedule for the year's remaining street festivals at New York Metro.