Mayor Bloomberg has found a new ally in his war against those ubiquitous, seemingly identical street fairs that clog large sections of Manhattan all friggin summer. Today the Chardonnay-swilling tube sock haters at Terroir Tribeca have stepped into the fray, posting an online screed [pdf] hating all over street fair season. They rant:

Who needs a glass of wine? We do. Why? Because Street Fair Season is in full operation. Because last year we had to put up with 321 fairs that contributed a big, fat zero to New York City life. Because while Street Fairs generated $1.6 million for NYC last year, Street Fairs cost us $2.4 million in police overtime. Because all the tube socks Street Fairs sell have holes in them. Because a chicken kabob on 3rd Avenue and 22nd Street tastes exactly like 3rd Avenue and 22nd Street and that is not the terroir we are looking for.

In February, Bloomberg renewed his surge against street fairs, explaining, "Look, I love going down and having one of those hot sausages like anybody else." Go on! "But you do disrupt traffic, you do lose commerce in other parts of the city, and the police department has to provide overtime ... and it just may be something we can't afford." The city gets 20% of the vendor fees from most fairs, but it's not enough to cover the cop overtime.

As of last year, new fairs can no longer apply for permits, but it's unlikely Bloomberg will be able to eradicate them entirely, since by law charities are allowed to hold the events. But doesn't our billionaire mayor basically fund all these charities? Come on Bloomberg, it's time to take the gloves off; Terroir's got your back. [Via Eater]