2005_08_food_fruitstall.jpgStreet food is nothing new to New Yorkers. Heck, hot dog carts and street-side pretzel vendors are practically synonymous with the image of the Big Apple.

But, more and more, it seems that sidewalk menu options are giving restaurants a run for their money - from South Indian dosas to authentic Colombian arepas and Texas-style chili to German wurst.

The biggest pushcart trend of the moment? Fruit. Seems you can't turn a corner in midtown Manhattan without hitting a produce stand teeming with grapes, golden mangoes, ripe cherries, a variety of apples, bright pink sliced watermelon and boxes of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Street food that's healthy. Who knew? And the prices? Fuggeddaboutit! We're talkin' cheaper than the corner bodega.

What do you think'll be the next culinary rage on the sidewalks of New York? Gothamist's bet is on streetside s'mores.

2005_08_food_vendy.jpgAnd speaking of street food, the Urban Justice Center's Street Vendor Project is sponsoring the Vendy Awards, honoring the good folks who take our food to the streets. Take some time to nominate your favorite street vendor -- the winners will be announced at a gala event in October.