Is that a sumo strap?Tebaya WingsBuffalo wings are a food that Gothamist turns to only late at night, in our drunkest moments. The grease soaks up the booze and the heat of the sauce penetrates the stupor. But at Tebaya, we’ve discovered a version of chicken wings that are respectable enough to eat in broad daylight, totally sober.

These “teba” (wings) are cooked twice, dressed in a “secret” black pepper sauce, and topped with sesame seeds. They are tangy without being fiery hot and have a caramelized crispness you don’t get with traditional buffalo wings. The menu claims that the special cooking process releases the chicken’s collagen and that eating the wings will help your complexion. We’re not sure about that, but the sauce does have a way of getting all over your face (wetnaps are provided). For $7.25, you get 8 pieces served over white rice, plus a soda. It’s Japanese fast food that may just kick Teriyaki Boy’s butt.