The Chicken PattyIf you're looking for real street food in New York, who better to ask than a taxi driver? Not only do cabbies spend most of their waking hours curbside, but they also have to eat on the go. For the city's strong contingent of Pakistani taxi drivers, one little cook shop offers a delicious taste of home. It's called Lahore, after the Punjabi city that is a major center of culture and cuisine for the nation.

Conveniently located on Crosby Street across from one of Houston Street's last surviving gas stations, Lahore is the kind of place you might pass for years and never notice. A cavernous entryway cluttered with boxes leads to a tiny room in the back, which at dinnertime is full of men either waiting on their to-go orders or standing alongside the walls sipping tea and nibbling on cake rusk. A handwritten sign warns, "Please no politic talk." The food is worth talking about though. We recommend the chicken patties (two dollars each). Many layers of rich puff pastry encase minced chicken suffused with warm and sweet spices. It's like a cross between a croissant and a Jamaican meat patty. Samosas, biryani, and a daily-changing selection of curries are also available at equally cheap prices. Next time you're in SoHo, stop here to refuel.