Bratwurst from Hallo BerlinIt's not easy working a street cart in Manhattan, especially one with lines as long as those at Hallo Berlin on 54th and Fifth. You have to have a sense of humor in order to keep the hungry hordes at bay. The man behind Hallo Berlin, Rolf Babiel, manages just fine. In fact he is still going strong after several years. Every day he's out there cracking jokes as he dresses the delicious sausages that have made his cart famous.

Come here for an education in wurst. We recommend the classic mild and pale-colored Bratwurst, which comes with sauerkraut, sweet fried onions, and marinated red cabbage. Also good is the Polish Kielbasa, especially on those days you need a shot of vitamin G (grease). Spiced with cumin and red pepper, this sausage is studded with luscious bits of fat and comes topped with potato slices and onions that have spent a long time sizzling and soaking on the grill. We've heard the Alpenwurst and Currywurst are tasty, too and the current special is an Andouillewurst. We'll be going back to give them a try. All sausages come in crusty, torpedo-shaped rolls slathered with homemade mustard. Note this may be the only cart in midtown that sells beer, but be forewarned: after a couple of these dogs and a pilsner, you won't want to go back to the office.