Who doesn't want free cookies from a complete stranger on an inflatable couch? If the idea doesn't freak you out, then bookmark this Twitter feed, where one seemingly good-intentioned fella updates his whereabouts. Why would you want to know where he is? Because he's going to give you a free homemade vegan cookie! He tells us, "I have been going out a couple times a week, inflating a green couch, giving out FREE COOKIES, and making friends. I'll be out today in Union Square around 4:00-6:00 p.m." If you miss him, you know where to find him next. His name is Scott Alexander, and according to this website, he's got a wife at home, is "a doorman by day and a musician by night." Another blogger recently encountered the cookie man, saying, "everyone knows chocolate chip cookies are a sure way to open hearts-even if they’re vegan. (These really were the best vegan treats I’ve had)." Sounds good to us, even if it is, what he calls, "a reverse promotional experiment" to spread his music.