Gothamist loves food, so we were naturally riveted by New York magazine's great expose of sorts on the growing grocery store rivalries in the city last week. The players include web upstart Freshdirect, the do-gooder organic empire Whole Foods trying to make inroads all over the city and Upper West Side institution Fairway. The article is filled with some hilarious swipes between the owners and managers of the different of stores, but we most appreciated how reporter Chris Smith detailed the rise of the big supermarket in a city of small spaces. Plus the tip about the Red Hook Fairway, slated for summer 2005, with a ferry service to Manhattan - that's gold.

The picture (click to enlarge) above is a NY Post chart that Fairway loves - it shows that Fairway has the best prices around. The New York Times had a great article a few weeks ago about Upper West Siders being obssessive over their grocery stores; Gothamist knows that feeling well. And CBS 2 reported on the city's dirty grocery stores.