In the event that you're not in an evacuation zone and plan to hunker down in the comfort of your own home this weekend, you will probably want something to eat. Or, at the very least, to drink, because nothing quells the fear of nature like a cocktail! In addition to the non-food supplies you should have ready in that go bag (right?), here's a little shopping list for you to review.

Fooled you! The very first thing isn't even a food—it's drinking water. Get some. Get a lot, actually. Get those gallon bottles sitting on the floor of your bodega. Figure a gallon per person per day.

Remember that the power might go out. So you'll need non-perishable goods you can eat straight up. Like things in cans. And granola bars. And Cups of Noodles, which you can eat cold with the aforementioned drinking water. Also: dried fruit, nuts, jerky, peanut butter, bread, and raw vegetables that don't need refrigeration (even though who cares about being healthy in a hurricane?).

Related: if you have food in the freezer, bag that shit so that if the power does go out you won't be left with a pool of melted ice cream all over your floor. Try to preemptively eat anything in your fridge that will start to smell.

Foods to help you eat your feelings: A hurricane is the appropriate time for cookies, chips, candy, sugary cereal and chocolate. Seriously: even this Hurricane Survival List [pdf] from the Coast Guard says so!

Whiskey. A lot of whiskey. Don't bother with the good stuff, unless you really think this could be your last drink on earth.

And don't forget pet food if you have pets!

Here are a few final non-food tips on what to load up on to keep your house in one piece. People have already been raiding stores for supplies, so get your act together, man. If worst comes to absolute worst, you'll find a way to live off the land.