It's a product we could have imagined the perpetually classy 757 owner Donald Trump spitballing while slicing up a double-layered pizza with knife and fork...and then rejecting for being unclassy. And yet, you can now drown your memories of that painful day with commemorative booze: a Long Island winery has created a 9/11 Memorial Commemorative Merlot and a 9/11 Memorial Commemorative Chardonnay. And each costs $19.11 a bottle if you buy directly from the winery.

The Lieb Family Cellars, who produced the wine, admit on the descriptions of the bottles that the grapes were grown "90 miles from the site of the World Trade Center." But class knows no distances! The winery says they do plan to give 6 percent to 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of these wines to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum.

Gary Madden, general manager of the winery, told the LA Times that they've "probably donated $25,000" already from sales of their September Mission Merlot, which only costs $9.11 a bottle—in case you're not picking up on the theme of this particularly winery, they donate 91.1 cents of every bottle of that to the September's Mission foundation.

You can see more pictures of the wine here. The product has inspired us to follow through on a long-forgotten dream of ours, and create a September 11 memorial malt liquor that you'll never forget: Colt 9/11.