In this city, restaurants come and go faster than you can say "sustainable locavore burger." And even though there are great new additions to the culinary landscape popping up every week, you've gotta give kudos to anyone who can stick it out for over a year. With that in mind, we bring you Still Got It, our tribute to establishments that continue to serve mouthwatering meals and drinks long after the buzz has faded—or if the lingering hype is still justified.

As reviewers are fond of reminding us, Brooklyn foodie culture made its way to Bushwick long ago. It's no longer surprising to stumble across a Stumptown-stocked cafe or bitters-based cocktail bar, and even a $180 tasting menu fails to elicit more than a few raised eyebrows these days. But among the area's new artisanal offerings, there are still plenty of spots that serve elegant, affordable and unhyped foods—and that includes El Mio Cid.

Tucked away on the nondescript corner of Starr and Wilson Streets, away from the L train hubs of Jefferson and Morgan, it's easy to miss El Mio Cid, which opened last year. But inside, the elegant, Spanish-mural drenched tapas bar offers a series of stellar small plates that are piquant and sultry enough to earn the boastful "Authentic Spanish Cuisine" sign painted on its storefront. The menu offers a few salads as appetizers, but you might as well start off with fresh Corazones de Alcachofas a la Vinagreta, or artichoke hearts in vinaigrette ($6), and a plate of flavorful Olivos Mixtos, or mixed Spanish olives ($5.50).

Then, dive into the hot tapas: for seafood fans, there are giant Gambas a la Plancha, or grilled tiger shrimp ($8.50) and mejillones El Mio Cid, octopus sautéed in a garlicky wine sauce ($7), while meat lovers must dive into the hearty Albondigas ($7), which are traditional Spanish-style meatballs, and savory Chorizo El Mio Cid ($7.50), which are sautéed sausage with onions, peppers and wine. And of course, there's no such thing as a tapas meal without a glass or two of sangria—the restaurant offers the fruity, wine-drenched concoction in reasonably priced glasses ($6) and half-pitchers ($13).

El Mio Cid offers entrees as well, with typical Spanish dishes like garlicky Pollo Ajillo ($13.50) and Paella Valenciana ($16) on the menu for those looking for a heartier meal. But we prefer to save room for one of the restaurant's desserts, like the nutty Tres Leches cake and the chocolate-syrup drenched caramel flan (both $6). And for those watching their waistlines, no need for concern— you'll be sure to burn off some sugar on the long, quiet walk back to the L.

50 Starr Street (between Wilson and Central Streets) Bushwick, Brooklyn